Policies, delivery and important information:

  - All orders must be submitted online (there is no need for a credit card to order online, you can mail cheque from office)
  - We need a minimum of 2 days notice to deliver and m
inimum orders of $200 
  - Shipping fee of $5 for all single deliveries in Toronto area and $10 for beyond Metropolitan areas
  - NEW: delivering Toronto and Metropolitan surrounding areas everyday
  - Metropolitan areas: Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket & Markham
  - Areas like Bolton, Caledon, Stouffville, Gwillimbury, Pickering, Oakville, etc are delivered once a week
  - Volume discounts in all orders above $500 and Loyalty discount after 25 orders

  - Your order will arrive from 9am to 4pm; time depends mainly on route, plus traffic and weather
  - Customer must have a place to park; we cannot deliver orders in busy streets where parking is unavailable
  - Customer
agrees to mail cheques or to eTransfer payments within 2 (two) weeks (no credit cards system)
  - Food & Beverage products are tax-free for Schools, other products are taxable by Canada Revenue Agency
  - All items are peanut-free & nut-free, most items are PPM150 and/or SNP compliant and individually wrapped
  - For Ingredients and Nutrition please click on product's pictures and/or check manufacturer's website
  - Snack Value is not responsible for product shortages from manufacturers (supply chains are complicated)
  - If your order is short, there will be a note on the Invoice; only backorders over $100 will be delivered
  - Customers must be very familiar with shelf lives because 
no product will be exchanged upon expiration
  - It's customer's responsibility to rotate products properly, no product will be exchanged upon expiration
  - Returns must be reported within 24 hours after delivery; 10% re-stock fee and/or a $20 pick up fee may apply
  - Returned items must be in unopened boxes and guaranteed frozen or refrigerated when necessary
  - Short shelf life items like produce, baked products and dairy are not returnable 
  - Any shortage in the order must be reported to driver; we are not responsible for shortages after driver leaves

  - Important 1: we only deliver to ground floor (no stairs involved) and buyer agrees to notify staff about it
  - Important 2: our drivers are not responsible for cleaning up fridges/freezers (customer should have room for order)
  - Important 3: your order is completed when you receive an email confirming your order's number
  - Important 4: we get no samples and/or donations from manufacturers, therefore unable to provide them, sorry

Disclaimer: Due to the large amount of data we deal with and the constant changes from manufacturers, there may be involuntary outdated information in description, nutrition, ingredients, picture, packaging and pricing that will be updated upon invoicing without notification; please check details on received items and/or Invoice for accurate information.

Snack Value is a proud supporter of Smile Canada, only your purchases make this possible, thank you very very much !

Snack Value is a Family Company and owners have been involved in wholesaling and distribution since 1986

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