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Ice Cream Sandwich 72X120ml Vanilla

Retail price: $72.00
Your price: $53.25
Manufacturer: Chapman's
Nutrition: calories 170, total fat 6g (8%), saturated fat 3g (18%), trans fat 0g (0%), cholesterol 5mg, sodium 180mg (8%), carbohydrate 28g, sugars 15g, protein 2g, potassium 2%, calcium 2%

IngredientsIce Cream: Sugars (sugar, glucose), Fresh cream, Modified milk ingredients, Mono and diglycerides, Carob bean gum, Cellulose gum, Guar gum, Carrageenan, Vanilla extract, Natural flavour. Wafers: Enriched wheat flour, Sugars (sugar, glucose-fructose, dextrose), Caramel colour, Palm oil, Corn flour, Cocoa, Modified corn starch, Baking soda, Salt, Mono and diglycerides, Soy lecithin.

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Minimum waste: wrapped in paper (no styrofoam cup or spoon involved)
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