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Granola Bar Superfood 128X30g Cranberry

Retail price: $119.00
Your price: $78.95
Manufacturer: Sweets from the Earth
tax free
Shelf life = frozen 9 months, room temperature 4 months

: whole grain rolled oats, tapioca syrup, whole grain brown rice crisps, dried cranberries, canola oil, evaporated cane juice, quinoa, tapioca starch, filtered water, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unsweetened desiccated coconut, hemp seeds, chia seeds, protein powder (pea, whole grain brown rice, chickpea, lentil), flax seed, oat fiber, blackstrap molasses, tapioca starch. 

calories 120, fat 4g (5%), sat 1.5g (5%), cholesterol 0mg, sodium 20mg (1%), carbo 19g, fiber 2g (6%), sugars 5g, protein 2g, iron 8%, calcium 1%

Individually wrapped

grab and go

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