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Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I sign up and make an account?
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You can sign up directly on our website! It's quick and easy. 

Once we receive your information and your account is approved and activated, you can start shopping! If the application is submitted on the weekend, please allow 24 hours for processing.

How fast can I receive an order?
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Our quickest turn around is 2 business days! 

When will I receive my delivery?
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You can choose your delivery date when you are ready to place your order!

Our delivery hours are from 8AM-4PM on your desired delivery day. 

Please make sure you plan accordinly. We always recommend to give yourself a minimum of one (1) buffer day before serving what you are receiving. 

Why can't I request a delivery time?
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Our deliveries are made during school hours from 8AM to 4PM. Many factors can affect delivery time such as weather, traffic, road construction, staffing, unexpected vehicle issues, etc. Us committing to a time frame limits the amount of deliveries we can have a day therefore affecting our cost. In order to bring you competitive prices, we have implemented this window frame because it has worked succesfully since 2004. 

Where do you deliver?
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Snack Value delivers across the Greater Toronto Area, York, Peel, Halton, Durham and other urban areas. 

What form of payments do you accept?
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Payment(s) can be made by cheque and send in the mail within two (2) weeks after your delivery date.

If you wish to etransfer, you could do so at customerservice@snackvalue.com. Please use the reference field to indicate which invoice(s) you are paying for both etransfer and cheque. 

If you wish to pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, etc) please give us a call. Note that credit card payments will have a 3% processing fee. 

Is there a minimum order amount?
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No, there is no minimum order amount.

However, if your order is under $200 before taxes, a shipping fee will be calculated at checkout.

How do I know if I placed my order successfully?
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You will receive an email within 15 minutes of you placing an order! 

If you need to immediately see the order you just placed, you can click on “profile” on the right top corner, then click on “my orders” and you will see your most recent order at the top of your order history.

Remember you must be logged in to see all this information. 

What happens if something I ordered is out of stock?
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At Snack Value, we pride ourselves in shipping complete orders. However, if an item is unavailable, a team member will contact you to discuss it's substitution or to adjust your order. 

I need to modify my order. What do I do?
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No problem! This happens all the time!

Simply write to us at customerservice@snackvalue.com and let us know what you need to add/remove! As long as what you're looking for is in stock, we can do it (please know that any produce requires 2 business days notice)

The sooner you let us know, the better! 

You can also give us a call/text at 647-572-4377.

Can the same school have multiple accounts?
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Yes! The same school can have multiple accounts as long as each user has their own log in and password.

How can I access my order history?
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Once you successfully log in, you can visit your profile and click on "My Orders" and your order history will appear.

Why are deliveries made only to ground floor?
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At Snack Value, our staff's well being is our top priority. Our dollies are made to handle heavy loads, but when they are loaded it is not safe to climb upstairs. We will drop off your order wherever the office staff/custodian directs us as long as it is ground delivery and there are NO STEPS INVOLVED (this include the entrance to the building as well). If the delivery needs to go in a different floor and an elevator is provided, we can do it. However, if there is no elevator, the order will be dropped off in the main floor of the school. 

How can I know which invoices have been paid?
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Under your "Profile" you can click on "my history" and you will see a lot of useful account information such as new orders that are being processed, orders that are on your way, orders that have been delivered and are now outstanding, and orders that are fully paid. 

How can I find out the status of an order? (New or Old)
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When you sign in and click "Profile", you will see a lot of useful information!

Your order history will show the following:

Orders that have been processed.

Orders that are on their way.

Orders that have been delivered and are now outstanding (please remember that orders that are over 45 days due will result in a locked account and you will be unable to place a new order until we receive payment)

Orders that are fully paid. 

If at any point you need more information about your account, you can contact us at customerservice@snackvalue.com and we will reply within 24 hours. 

I've been charged an administrative fee. What is that?
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Dishonored payments will be charged an administrative fee of $ 15.00 

An example of this can be :

A missing authorative signature, therefore the cheque will bounce

Insufficient funds, therefore the cheque wil bounce

Any other scenario where the cheque CANNOT be processed


I'm receiving a delivery today. What can I expect?
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Our delivery window is from 8AM-4PM on delivery days.

Our drivers will buzz the office at the front door and come into your school with your order.

We carry very big dollies! Our drivers cannot do stairs for safety reasons with the dollies, so please ensure that our way is step-free. If you need to let us know of specific delivery instructions, please make sure you contact the office prior to your first delivery so we can takes notes. Once your profile has delivery notes, we will always deliver where you tell us to. 

Snack Value only delivers to ground floor. If you need the delivery to go up the building, it is the school's resposility to do so. However, if you have an elevator that's big enough for the order and the dolly, we can deliver it to a top floor. 

We hope that you understand that our drivers need to deliver anywhere from 20-25 schools a day in a 8-hour period accross the city. We need to promptly deliver your order so we can fullfill others as well. 

Please ensure that your fridge/freezer is unlocked and ready for your order, however big or small it might be. Our drivers are instructed to store temperature controlled items where they belong, but if there isn't enough space, they will leave it out and inform a staff member about it. Remember that the school is 100% responsible for temperature controlled items once we leave. 

As of September 2023, the drivers will be taking a picture of the delivery and will ask for someone at the school to sign for it. Once the delivery is completed, the school is 100% responsible for the items dropped off. 

I am organizing a fundraiser for the school. What can I do to be prepared?
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Organizing a fundraiser can be a lot of fun but also very challenging! Rest assured that Snack Value can help you with a wide selection of yummy treats.

Usually after March break, fundraising season starts. Fundraising runs most of the time on a weekly basis. If the articles you’re choosing to purchase are shelf stable (popcorn, ice cream, chips, cookies, etc) and you have the space to store them, we highly recommend that you place more than 1 weekly order at a time.

Our suppliers come with merchandise on a weekly basis, but when everything is selling out quick during this busy season, is better to stock up!

The earlier you placed your order, the better!

Fundraising Scenario. I have limited space in my freezer, what can I do?
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Take a look at the following scenario:

Your school wants to start a fundraiser on May 25th (Thursday) that runs until the last week of the year. You receive this information the first week of May.

Your school’s choice of treat is ice cream. You have limited space on the school’s chest freezer.

You send out the information to students by the end of that first week/the beginning of the second week and have your numbers by the end of the second week.

You should be placing your order shortly after that! Do not wait until two days before May 25th to place your order.

When your freeze is empty after your first succesful round of ice cream Thursdays on May 25th, place your new order right away! Our fastest turn around is 2 business days so your next shipment will come into your school with plenty of time.

The earlier you placed your order, the better!

What is the Student Nutrition Program?
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If you need information on Ontario's Student Nutrition Program, please click here

Can't find your answer?
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We are here for you!

Please send us an email with any questions, feedback and/or concerns to customerservice@snackvalue.com and we will answer you within 24 hours. Thanks!